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E. Bennewitz, B. Ware, A. Schuckert, A. Lerose, F. Surace, R. Belyansky, W. Morong, D. Luo, A. De, K. Collins, O. Katz, C. Monroe, Z. Davoudi, A. Gorshkov
Simulating Meson Scattering on Spin Quantum Simulators
arXiv:2403.07061 (2024) 
O. Katz*, L. Feng*, D. Porras, C. Monroe
Observing Topological Insulator Phases with a Programmable Quantum Simulator
arXiv:2401.10362 (2024) 
L. Lewis, D. Zhu, A. Gheorghiu, C. Noel, O. Katz, B. Harraz, Q. Wang, A. Risinger, L. Feng, D. Biswas, L. Egan, T. Vidick, M. Cetina, C. Monroe
Experimental implementation of an efficient test of quantumness
Phys. Rev. A 109 012610 (2024),
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L.Feng*, O. Katz*, C. Haack, M. Maghrebi, A. V. Gorshkov, Z. Gong, M. Cetina, C. Monroe
Continuous symmetry breaking in a trapped-ion spin chain
Nature 623, 713-717 (2023)
D. Zhu, G. D Kahanamoku-Meyer, L. Lewis, C. Noel, O. Katz, B. Harraz, Q. Wang, A. Risinger, L. Feng, D. Biswas, L. Egan, A. Gheorghiu, Y. Nam, T. Vidick, U. Vazirani, N. Y Yao, M. Cetina, C. Monroe
Interactive cryptographic proofs of quantumness using mid-circuit measurements
Nature Physics 19, 1725-1731 (2023)
M. Pinkas, O. Katz, J. Wengrowicz, N. Akerman, R. Ozeri
Trap-assisted formation of atom–ion bound states
Nature Physics 19, 1573-1578 (2023)
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O. Katz, L. Feng, A. Risinger, C. Monroe, M. Cetina
Demonstration of three-and four-body interactions between trapped-ion spins
Nature Physics 19, 1452-1458 (2023)
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I. M Bloch, R. Shaham, Y. Hochberg, E. Kuflik, T. Volansky, O. Katz
Constraints on axion-like dark matter from a SERF comagnetometer
Nature Communications 14, 5784 (2023)
O. Katz, C. Monroe
Programmable quantum simulations of bosonic systems with trapped ions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 033604 (2023)
O. Katz, M. Cetina, C. Monroe
Programmable N-Body Interactions with Trapped Ions
PRX Quantum 4, 030311 (2023)
K. Seetharam, D. Biswas, C. Noel, A. Risinger, D. Zhu, O. Katz, S. Chattopadhyay, M. Cetina, C. Monroe, E. Demler, D. Sels
Digital quantum simulation of NMR experiments
Science Advances 9, eadh2594 (2023)
A. Schuckert*, O. Katz*, L. Feng, E. Crane, A. De, M. Hafezi, A. V Gorshkov, C. Monroe
Observation of a finite-energy phase transition in a one-dimensional quantum simulator
arXiv:2310.19869 (2023)



R. Shaham*, O. Katz*, O. Firstenberg
Strong coupling of alkali-metal spins to noble-gas spins with an hour-long coherence time
Nature Physics 18, 506-510 (2022)
§ News & Views
O. Katz, M. Pinkas, N. Akerman, R. Ozeri
Quantum logic detection of collisions between single atom–ion pairs
Nature Physics 18, 533-537 (2022)
§ News & Views    §
I. M Bloch*, G. Ronen*, R. Shaham, O. Katz, T. Volansky, O. Katz
New constraints on axion-like dark matter using a Floquet quantum detector
Science Advances 8, eabl8919 (2022)
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O. Katz, M. Cetina, C. Monroe
N-Body Interactions between Trapped Ion Qubits via Spin-Dependent Squeezing
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 063603 (2022)
§ HPC wire
A. Tsinovoy, O. Katz, A. Landau, N. Moiseyev
Enhanced coupling of electron and nuclear spins by quantum tunneling resonances
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 013401 (2022)
O. Katz*, R. Shaham*, O. Firstenberg
Quantum interface for noble-gas spins based on spin-exchange collisions
PRX Quantum 3, 010305 (2022)
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O. Katz, R. Shaham, E. Reches, A. V Gorshkov, O. Firstenberg
Optical quantum memory for noble-gas spins based on spin-exchange collisions
Phys. Rev. A 105, 042606(2022)
O. Katz, M. Pinkas, N. Akerman, R. Ozeri
Quantum suppression of cold reactions far from the quantum regime
arXiv:2208.07725 (2022)
A. Berrebi, M. Dikopoltsev, O. Katz, O. Katz
Optical protection of alkali-metal atoms from spin relaxation
arXiv:2209.12360 (2022)
M. Dikopoltsev, A. Berrebi, U. Levy, O. Katz
Suppressing the decoherence of alkali-metal spins at low magnetic fields
arXiv:2209.12236 (2022)
M. Dikopoltsev, U. Levy, O. Katz
Magnetic Field Independent SERF Magnetometer
arXiv:2209.13086 (2022)


Y. Horowicz*, O. Katz*, O. Raz, O. Firstenberg
Critical dynamics and phase transition of a strongly interacting warm spin gas
PNAS 118 (43) e2106400118 (2021)
O. Katz, R. Shaham, O. Firstenberg
Coupling light to a nuclear spin gas with a two-photon linewidth of five millihertz
Science Advances 7 (14), eabe9164 (2021)
R. Ben-shlomi, M. Pinkas, Z. Meir, T. Sikorsky, O. Katz, N. Akerman, R. Ozeri
High-energy-resolution measurements of an ultracold-atom–ion collisional cross section
Phys. Rev. A 103, 032805 (2021)
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O. Katz, R. Shaham, E. S. Polzik, O. Firstenberg
Long-lived entanglement generation of nuclear spins using coherent light
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 043602 (2020)
R. Shaham, O. Katz, O. Firstenberg
Quantum dynamics of collective states in a thermal gas
Phys. Rev. A 102 012822 (2020)
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O. Katz, G. Refael, N. H. Lindner
Optically induced flat bands in twisted bilayer graphene
Phys. Rev. B 102 155123 (2020)
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O. Katz, O. Firstenberg
Transverse optical pumping of spin states
Communications Physics 2, 58 (2019)


O. Katz, O. Firstenberg
Light storage for one second in room-temperature alkali vapor
Nature Communications 9, 2074 (2018)
O. Katz, O. Firstenberg
Synchronization of strongly interacting alkali-metal spins
Phys. Rev. A 98 012712 (2018)


O. Katz, O. Peleg, O. Firstenberg
Coherent coupling of alkali atoms by random collisions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 113003 (2015)


O. Katz, M. Dikopoltsev, O. Peleg, M. Shuker, J. Steinhauer, N. Katz
Nonlinear elimination of spin-exchange relaxation of high magnetic moments
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 263004 (2013)